I provide professional English editing and proofreading services of nonfiction documents to creative people who communicate their ideas in writing. From articles to books, no matter what you write, I’ll help your material evolve from rough draft to published work.

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“Good writing doesn’t come naturally, though most people seem to think it does.” — William Zinsser, On Writing Well

Now that you’ve completed your final draft, revised it, and revised it again, you deserve a break. I’ll edit your document so that it’s flawless, accurate, clear, coherent, and concise. Or, if it’s already edited, I’ll proofread it so that it’s ready to see the world.


I’m a nonfiction freelance editor specialised in:

  • Business publications (reports, letters, proposals, white papers, e-books, training materials)
  • Website content (blog posts, articles, buyer’s guides, how-to guides)
  • Scientific documents (academic articles, presentations, research proposals, course materials, reports, theses)
  • Nonfiction books

Preferred style manuals

  • The Chicago Manual of Style (CMS)
  • Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA Style)
  • Associated Press (AP) Stylebook

What you should expect when you hire me

Timely delivery: Throughout my career as a professional editor, I completed hundreds of contracts and always delivered my work before the deadline.

Confidentiality: I don’t subcontract (I don’t hire other people to edit or proofread my assignments).

High-quality results: If you’re not happy with my work, you get your money back.

Effective communication: Having worked with hundreds of authors—academics, writers, engineers, entrepreneurs—I know how to ask the right questions to clarify project requirements, and how to answer questions without wasting the client’s time.

Stress-free collaboration: I’ll make it easy for you to tell me the project requirements, check my progress, provide feedback, and pay for my services.

Transparent prices: No hidden fees!

Free grammar tips: To help you improve your writing, I’ll give you tips on grammar, vocabulary, usage, and style.

Free follow-up consultation: I’ll be available to answer your questions and explain my editing choices. If you have a question that requires a long answer, I may turn it into a blog post, to help other people looking for the same information.

What service do you need?

Editing Proofreading