Congrats! Your document is almost ready for publication. You’ve written it, revised it, and edited it for grammar, style, flow, and logic. You just need a proofreader to check it and fix any remaining errors.

My proofreading service includes

  1. Correcting errors of grammar, syntax, and word usage
  2. Correcting mechanical errors (hyphenation, capitalization, punctuation, use of italic and bold font, format of endnotes and footnotes, etc.) to ensure the document conforms to publisher’s style guide or your preferred editorial style (such as Chicago, APA, or AP)
  3. Formatting references according to the publisher’s style guide (optional)

If you think your document needs more work, please check my editing services.

Frequently asked questions

The difference between proofreading and editing

Includes Proofreading Editing
Correcting errors of grammar, syntax, word use Yes Yes
Correcting mechanical errors Yes Yes
Querying anything that may need your attention Yes Yes
Checking footnotes, appendixes, and figure and table captions Yes Yes
Checking in-text citations against the reference list (optional) Yes Yes
Checking, correcting, and formatting the reference list (optional) Yes Yes
Explaining my major editing choices No Yes
Improving sentence structure No Yes
Suggesting improvements of style No Yes
Suggesting ways to improve flow and logic No Yes
Ensuring the document uses the right voice and tone for its target audience No Yes

How much does proofreading cost?