The cost for your project will depend on your document’s length and complexity, the type of service you need (proofreading, basic editing, or heavy editing), and your preferred turnaround time.

Contract types

I accept both fixed-price and hourly contracts. Many of my new clients prefer flat-fee contracts. However, in some cases—especially for long-term collaborations or multiple revisions of the same document—an hourly contract can help you keep costs low. That’s because the second revision of a document takes much less time to complete than the first revision.

Please contact me to discuss which type of contract is better for your particular project.

Hourly fees

Proofreading Editing
Fee per hour €30 €35
Words per hour for most documents 1200–2000 (technical); 2000–3000 (other) 1200–2000 (basic editing); 500–1200 (heavy editing)

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Fees per project

As each editing or proofreading project is unique, please contact me to receive a personalised quote.

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 Payment methods

  • PayPal (EU and non-EU clients)
  • Bank transfer (EU clients only)

See how I workand if you have questions, please check the FAQs page or get in touch.