Whether you’re a writer, a scientist, an entrepreneur, or an innovator, I’ll perfect your text so that you have more time to focus on your work.

When I edit your document, my ultimate goal is to help get your ideas across to your audience. If your message is not hidden in irrelevant details, distorted by convoluted sentences, or marred by imperfect punctuation, it reaches your readers the way you intended it to do.

So, before you publish it or send it to a publisher, ensure it is accurate, clear, and coherent so that it conveys your message to your audience.


I have expertise and experience in editing the following types of documents:

  • Business publications
    • Business reports
    • Business letters
    • Business proposals
    • White papers
    • E-books
    • Training materials
  • Online content
    • Blog posts and articles
    • Buyer’s guides and how-to guides
    • Product descriptions
    • Website copy
    • Digital marketing materials
  • Nonfiction books (project management)
  • Academic documents* (physical sciences, engineering, business, social sciences)
    • Scholarly papers
    • Presentations
    • Research proposals
    • Course materials
    • Reports
    • Dissertations

* If you are enrolled in a master’s or doctoral program, before hiring me to edit your academic work (PhD thesis, dissertation, scholarly article, etc.), please ask your advisor what kind of editorial intervention is allowed.

See how I work.

My English editing service includes

  1. Correcting errors of grammar, syntax, and word usage
  2. Fixing mechanical errors (hyphenation, capitalization, punctuation, use of italic and bold font, format of endnotes and footnotes, etc.) to ensure the document conforms to publisher’s style guide or your preferred editorial style (such as Chicago, APA, or AP)
  3. Improving sentence structure by rewriting long or unclear sentences
  4. Suggesting improvements of style without altering the author’s voice (eliminating clutter, improving verb choice, varying sentence length, using the active voice, etc.)
  5. Suggesting ways to reorganize the content to improve flow and logic
  6. Querying any content inconsistency or anything else that may need your attention
  7. Ensuring the document uses the right voice and tone for its target audience, and eliminating sexist language
  8. Checking endnotes, footnotes, appendixes, and figure and table captions
  9. Explaining my major editing choices (for example, rewriting or deleting a sentence) in plain English
  10. Checking in-text citations against the reference list (optional)
  11. Checking and correcting the reference list (optional)
  12. Formatting the reference list or bibliography according to the publisher’s style guide (optional)

My English editing service does not include

  1. Adding content or performing additional research
  2. Ensuring the correctness of the content (but I’ll query any fact that I know is inaccurate or incorrect)
  3. Fixing the document’s structure
  4. Rewriting the entire document or entire sections
  5. Checking for plagiarism or ensuring the document is original
  6. Advising on the content if I have no knowledge of the subject
  7. Designing or fixing the layout of your manuscript
  8. Editing or designing tables or illustrations

How much does editing cost?

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