Portrait of Cristina Neagu

Cristina Neagu – Editor and Proofreader

My passion for editing and proofreading grew naturally out of my love for the English language. After seven years spent working in academia, I discovered editing articles was the part I liked most about being a scientist, so I decided to embark on a career as a professional English editor and proofreader in 2012, after earning a PhD in earth sciences from Cardiff University. And I never looked back.

As an independent editorial consultant, I love collaborating with writers, scientists, entrepreneurs, and innovators from all over the world and helping them improve their written communications.

I live in Italy (the country that adopted me), close to the Alps and the Adriatic Sea. When I’m not working, reading nonfiction, or writing a blog post, I like to spend as much time as possible outdoors—cycling, hiking, bird-watching, running, or just walking.

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